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Essential Tips for Writing your first blog post

Blog Post

So, you had your blog set up. Congratulations. You’ve selected the name, you’ve got a nice looking WordPress or Tumblr theme, and it all looks just like you’d imagine it would. Now it is time for the blogging work to begin. And that means writing the very first blog post. All blogs need to start somewhere, so make sure you get a good first impression on the blogosphere!
Below mentioned are a few tips which can help you to write your first blog post.

Introduce yourself in the beginning:

It’s important to introduce yourself like any new situation, and give people a chance to get to know you. Tell your readers who you are in your first blog post, what your blog is about, and why you blogged. Just a brief introductory paragraph will provide the readers with an idea of what they should expect. Whether you’re planning on publishing guest blogs or hosting various authors, you may want to mention it or even incorporate it. Also don’t forget to include relevant keywords in the title, such as “First post” or “Welcome,” so your readers will know where they landed right away. Place your Editorial Strategy.

It’s quick to decide to start a blog. It’s much harder to regularly think about new and original ideas for blog posts. When your blog is ready for publication, spend time building a calendar for publishing. Map your blog post topics for the first few weeks but remember, it’s not written in stone. The calendar can also be updated or modified as you go along or as needed. Just reading other blogs is a great way to get into the blog writing zone. You can find out what content is already out there, so you will focus on adding a new viewpoint or angle that makes your blog unique and worth reading.

A smart tactic is to read a blog with which you disagree, or which takes a different view to yours. Then write a post from the opposite perspective, and engage your readers. This might be a perfect way to create a buzz around your first blog post.

Select your genre:

Some of the toughest parts of blog writing is learning to find your voice. Through your writing, your name and your personality will show through. It’s what makes this exclusive blog. Some bloggers find their voice in sarcasm; others find themselves more innovative.

The voice you create will depend on your blog’s intent and the target audience. If your blog is based professionally then your sound should, of course, be more formal. You will allow yourself more leeway on what’s acceptable if you are writing a personal blog. Get to know the audience at heart. You will then hone your voice so it really talks to them.

Link to all social platforms:

Your blog will create momentum over time and-ideally-a large readership. Make sure that your blog has buttons to share with all your social media accounts. This encourages the sharing of your posts by readers, which will create more awareness and interest. Until clicking “Publish” on your first blog post, check and double-check to see if all of your social connections work. Don’t just stick yourself to one region spread your work everywhere irrespective of ages and demographics.

Read, Re-read, Proofread!

There’s one golden blogging rule every writer has to internalize, way before the first blog entry is posted. Always carefully edit and proofread, more than once if appropriate, to ensure that your content is free of typos and embarrassing grammar errors. A badly written article, or one littered with errors in grammar, just looks unprofessional and is a major turn-off for readers. Even if you have gone through your draft and it looks fine, you can review again as soon as the post is published to make sure that no formatting errors occurred. Here’s another common trick that bloggers and writers use: take a break for a few hours or even till the next day, before hitting “Publish.” Then return with fresh eyes to the script, before making the final edits and going online.

Attach pictures, interactive content, and video

Big blocks of text, even though they just want to hear what you have to say, can be daunting and tiring for the readers. By inserting images, videos, or even interactive content, such as infographics, slideshows, or quizzes, divide the text into digestible sections. This gives your readers greater interaction and chances to share your message. And, don’t forget to add your photo, along with a short bio. This gives your blog credibility and trust, which can only help attract new readers. Gain Authority by linking to Great Sites Your blog would have to stand on its own two feet but by linking to supportive, high-quality sources, you will make it stronger and more credible. Show your followers that you care about sharing useful tools with them online. Don’t just link to Wikipedia-dig deeper and through your content give them a rich experience.

Encourage reviews, suggestions, and feedback.

Your blog is not to be a one-way path. Connect with your readers by initiating the dialogue. Ensure that you have a comment section, give readers the option to subscribe to your blog, and ask readers questions to encourage their input. Respond to feedback whenever necessary or appropriate, even where the feedback is negative. Show your readers that you welcome their comments and appreciate them – after all, they’re your guests, your audience, and your inspiration, all rolling in one. The better your link to your followers, the better your blog will be. You’ll end up in evergreen content marketing which will take you forward in no time.

Take a deep breath when writing your first blog post, and take your time. Particularly at the beginning, when you’re new to blogging, you’ll need to spend significant time ensuring your content is truly click-worthy. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll likely be able to accelerate the process.



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