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Facebook Ads Case Studies

Case Study # 1

63 Home Contractors Leads with the Lifetime Spend of $2.7k

Thise home contractingor agency was facing a recession harder than ever with close to no new deals. We saved a few massive employee lay-offs with 63 ready-to-convert leads within a month 2 months. See the results yourself:


To bring low-cost B2B and B2C ready to convert leads without any prior data

The Process:

  • The company had no digital marketing history, so we based the process on our own audience and competitors’ research.
  • We built multiple audiences starting at TOF and tested them against the same assets and creatives.
  • We gave the campaign an initial budget of $100.
  • After the learning process, we turned off 3 of the low performing ad sets within the first week. We gave 2 relatively mediocre performances another chance with the other high performing ad set.
  • One of the 2 adsets took off after the changes, performing really well. 

The Results

  • Against an average CPL > $300 in the industry, we stopped at an average of $43.42 by the end of 2 months.
  • The best part of the deal was multiple B2B leads, which meant ongoing business for our client.
  • 2 of the 6 adsets worked well, while the rest gave us broader grounds for the other funnel levels.
  • We got 3 winning creatives & 2 winning copies.
  • At TOF (Top of the funnel) alone, we got 63 leads over 2 months.

Case Study # 2

125+ Home Contractors Leads for as low as $39.

This California based home contracting agency wanted to spread its wings across the neighboring states. Here’s what we did to turn their dream into reality in just six months:


To fetch super convertible B2B leads from a variety of locations in different states. 

The Process:

  • Based on the given customer data, we laser targeted a few geographical locations in different states.
  • Starting TOF with 4 adsets, we targeted different audiences from each state in each adset.
  • We crafted 8 different copies to target each audience with different copies based on their most pricking pain points and interests.
  • We set the daily adspend to $40/day initially.
  • Later on, as the adsets begin to give results, we strengthened the optimization game, changing each ad set’s budget based on the results.

The Results

  • The CPL was surprisingly low ($39.79) by the end of 6 months.
  • 2 out of 4 ad sets worked really well throughout the testing and optimization period.
  • We got 2 winning creatives & 2 winning copies, 1 for each ad set.
  • We got 125+ calls scheduled for the client from 4 of our target states within 6 months.

By the end of the contract period of 6 months, the client requested scaling up the contract, increasing the target state to 10 in the next 6 months.

Case Study # 3

~50 HVAC Leads Targeting Cold Audience within $2.5K Ad spend. 

The HVAC client didn’t trust digital marketing to scale to new heights. We offered them a customized post-paid offer for an immaculately executed Facebook ad strategy. Here are the results that satisfied our client:

The Challenge

To get high-quality B2B and B2C leads at the lowest possible cost.

The Process

The client had nothing to lose. Our marketing gurus had a short time to build trust or loss company assets. Here’s what we did:

  • We made a new funnel from scratch, creating different campaigns for TOF, MOF, and BOF. 
  • At each level, we built multiple audiences based on their own research of audience and competitors, client’s ads history, and our experience in the niche.
  • With 4 weeks of continuous testing, we created multiple funnel level-based new creatives and ad copies – tested and tweaked with a high budget.
  • The testing continued after 4 weeks while we started new campaigns to optimize results from the winning assets, including audiences, copy, and other creatives.

The Results

Here’s what we achieved in the last week (Dec 15th, 2020 to Dec 21st, 2020) of RFT at TOF alone:

  • We were able to achieve 49 high-quality leads.
  • We broke the client’s maximum booked-calls-in-a-week record with 41 calls.
  • The CPL was pleasantly low ($48.23), considering the leads’ quality and the conversion rate. 
  • The overall cost of $2,363 within that week also included winning audiences, copies, and other creatives for future campaigns.
  • The client immediately signed an annually renewable contract with us.

Case Study # 4

70+ Residential Solar Leads from Cold Audience for $15 per lead

We onboarded a reluctant startup client in the solar industry to generate leads for them. The business had no homepage, a low media budget, and a high level of impatience.

See what we were able to achieve for this startup in the first 6 months:

The Challenge:

Being a startup, the expectations were high, as were the limitations for us. here’s what the client wanted:

  • A large number of high-ticket B2B leads
  • A consistently dropping CPL
  • Campaigns on auto-pilot while ensuring scalability without increasing the CPL
  • To achieve goals within a limited advertising budget

The Process:

  • We began the process by creating their website with high conversion potential.
  • Since we did not have any past data to run the ads, we went all out to research the best possible cold audiences.
  • However, we did not let our research limit our audiences, giving FB more room to optimize for the best results. 
  • Our TOF CBO campaign consisted of 3 adsets with multiple creatives in the Dynamic Creative Setup to shortlist the winning creatives.
  • As we could bring the CPL within the client’s range, we put multiple rules on the campaign to maintain that cost while other factors were being continuously tested and optimized.

The Results

  • By the end of 6 months, we had reeled in 73 leads.
  • The client was euphoric with the high conversion rate when he scheduled 62 appointments.
  • Despite the high conversion rate, we successfully maintained the CPL of $15.04.
  • The ad spent at the end of this period was a bare minimum of $1,098.22




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