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Freelancing – The Great Guide for Freelancers

Leaving your low yielding and tiring 9 to 5 job and being your own boss, isn’t it the dream? However, not every one of us has the money or skill set required to start up our own business. Frankly business can get really stressful really quick. In fact, entrepreneurs rank among one of the professions with highest work related stress and poor work life balance. Another option for financial survival if you want to quit your boring office job is to work from home as a freelancer.


Freelancing is a great way of earning money and has a lot of perks.

  • You can work from home, and save the commuting money and time.
  • It saves you from the unnecessary and sometimes annoying small talks of office. Plus zero work politics and gossiping.
  • You can stay with your family/kids and work at the same time.
  • Work on your own terms, if you don’t like a project or don’t want to do it for some reason, you don’t have to do it!
  • It offers flexible timing allowing you to work on your own timetable.
  • Take a vacation whenever you want!
  • You can also be traveling around the globe and still working. All you need is your laptop and a good internet connection.
  • You get paid as much as you work. Now you will never have to feel your work is going unappreciated.


With so many benefits there are some complications and problems which discourage people from taking the leap from a full time paid job to freelancing.

  • Without a fixed time table you can start slacking and your productivity might decrease.
  • Working from home can very easily be distracting especially if you have kids or poor attention span.
  • If you do not have a social life out of your office you might start to feel lonely without socialization.
  • Sometimes there are too many options and opportunities to choose from and some days there are too little. In those days you simply cannot afford to be picky.
  • There are some frauds out there who try to take advantage of freelancers and vanish in thin air without making payments after work is done.

However there are ways around all these problems if you are committed enough.


  • Timetable – Make a schedule for yourself and follow it. If you can try to set working hours from 9 to 5 and take only one lunch break of half an hour and two to three 15 minutes breaks for coffee/ tea after every two hours. This will increase your productivity. Whatever time table you set just stick to it.
  • Home Office – Set yourself up a mini office at your home, or a working station to say the least. It is also recommended that you change of your sleeping dress for more alertness and better attention. Tell people at your home not to disturb you while you are at your home office.
  • Set a target – Set a target both in terms of money you want to make and deadlines you need to meet. Be as picky in work as your targets allow you.
  • Getting Recommendations – There is always plenty of work to do, you just need to network well. Ask your previous employer to leave a favorable comment on your profile. You can also request them to recommend you to someone else they might know. Networking with other freelancers can also bring in a lot of opportunities for you.
  • Red Flags – Before agreeing to work for an employer look out for any red flags and if possible run a quick background check up. See if the company they are representing has a legit website and Google listing. See if they are actually part of the company they are claiming. Or you can simply only work for freelancing websites who provide payment security.
  • Freelancing Platforms -There are many reliable platforms that let you look up for work as freelancer in exchange of small commission from your payments. In exchange they provide you a secure system to work as a freelancer making sure neither the employ nor the employer is taken advantage of. Below I will discuss some recommendations of such platforms.


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