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How Many Products Can You Add on Shopify

Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform that allows businesses to create and manage their online stores. One of the key considerations for any business looking to sell products on Shopify is the maximum number of products they can add to their store.

When it comes to the number of products you can add on Shopify, the platform does not impose a fixed limit. Instead, the number of products you can add depends on the pricing plan you choose and the resources available to your store.

Shopify Pricing Plans

Shopify offers various pricing plans to cater to different business needs. The number of products you can add to your store can vary based on the plan you select. Here are the main pricing plans offered by Shopify:

  • Shopify Lite: This plan allows you to sell products on an existing website or social media channels. However, it does not include a fully functional online store. With Shopify Lite, you can add an unlimited number of products to your store.
  • Basic Shopify: This plan is suitable for small businesses just starting with e-commerce. It allows you to add up to 2,500 products to your store.
  • Shopify: The standard Shopify plan enables you to add up to 10,000 products to your store.
  • Advanced Shopify: This plan is designed for businesses with higher volume and more complex needs. It allows you to add up to 20,000 products to your store.
  • Shopify Plus: Shopify Plus is an enterprise-level plan tailored for large businesses. The number of products you can add on this plan is negotiated with Shopify based on your specific requirements.

It’s important to note that these product limits are per store, not per account. If you have multiple stores on Shopify, each store will have its own product limit based on the chosen plan.

Resources and Performance

In addition to the product limits set by the pricing plans, the number of products you can add on Shopify may also be influenced by the resources and performance of your store. Adding a large number of products can impact the speed and performance of your online store.

If you have a high volume of products or expect significant growth, it’s essential to consider the technical aspects of your store. Shopify provides guidelines on optimizing your store’s performance, such as optimizing images, using caching, and managing apps and themes efficiently.

By following these best practices, you can ensure that your store performs well even with a large number of products. If you require additional resources or have specific performance needs, you may consider upgrading to a higher pricing plan or exploring custom solutions with Shopify Plus.


Shopify offers flexibility when it comes to the number of products you can add to your online store. The product limits vary based on the pricing plan you choose, ranging from unlimited products with Shopify Lite to negotiated limits with Shopify Plus.

It’s important to consider the product limits in relation to your business needs and growth projections. Additionally, optimizing your store’s performance and resources can help you manage a larger number of products effectively.

Whether you’re just starting or scaling your e-commerce business, Shopify provides a platform that can accommodate your product inventory and support your online store’s success.



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