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Brief Step by Step Guides To Boost Your Off Page

Table of Contents

Blog Comments. 1

Steps for Blog Commenting: 1

Bookmarking. 2

Steps for Bookmarking: 2

Question Answering. 2

Steps for Question Answering: 2

Profile Creation. 2

Steps for Profile Creation: 3

Business Listing. 3

Steps for Business Listing: 3

Blog Comments

It means visiting blog posts or articles and commenting in the comments section. While commenting, you need to include your keyword and URL you are promoting.

Your comment should be unique. Try to avoid writing “thank you for writing this post” and similar common sentences. Instead, try to add value to the article above.

Make sure you include only those keywords that relate to the content on that page.

Steps for Blog Commenting:

  1. Select target keywords and URLs that you want to promote
  2. Open a blog post or page
  3. Make an account or log in
  4. Write a comment to interact with the author
  5. Include the target keyword and URL
  6. Post the comment and check back later

Blog Commenting Search Query Tricks

inurl: blog”guest house” comment query

site:.com inurl:blog + “post a comment” + keyword

site:.com inurl:blog + “post a comment” + commentluv enabled

“Add comment” Your Keywords

“Post comment” Your Keywords

“Write comment” Your Keywords

Your Keywords “leave a comment” / “leave comment”

Your Keywords “Notify me of follow-up comments?”+”Submit the word you see below:”

Your Keywords “Remember my personal information” + “Notify me of follow-up comments?”

Your Keywords “Notify me of follow-up comments”

Your Keywords “This site uses KeywordLuv”

Your Keywords “Enable CommentLuv”

Your Keywords “You can use these tags”

Your Keywords “Powered by BlogEngine.NET”

Your Keywords “Allowed HTML tags:”

Your Keywords “top commenter”

“Keyword” “Powered By Blogger”

“Keyword” “Powered By WordPress”

“Keyword” “Powered By Typepad”

“Keyword” “Powered By Drupal”

“Keyword” “Powered By Blogengine”


Bookmarking is an activity in which we submit a website link on bookmarking websites (social media). We can increase traffic to that website we submit by doing so.

This activity can also earn backlinks and we can generate a lead for our business. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Blogger are social bookmarking websites.

Steps for Bookmarking:

  1. Select target keywords and URLs that you want to promote
  2. Open a bookmarking website
  3. Log in or create an account
  4. Include target URL in your profile
  5. Mention target keywords and URLs in posts.

Bookmarking search queries:

bookmarking sites free

bookmarking sites list 2020

free bookmarking sites list

Question Answering

It means answering questions people post on websites such as Quora and other discussion forums. While answering a question, we can include our target keywords and URLs that we want to promote.

While answering, it is important to only use keywords that relate to the question. Question answering can increase website traffic and sales leads.

Steps for Question Answering:

  1. Open a forum or a Q/A website
  2. Login or make an account
  3. Write an answer to a question
  4. Include keyword and URL
  5. Post your answer

Profile Creation

A great number of websites on the internet require users to register first and then start using those websites. We can register on such websites and use a URL while creating a profile.

This is a way to create a backlink. It is better if you create a profile on a website that belongs to the same niche as the niche of the website you are promoting.

Profile creation can increase website traffic and sales leads.

Steps for Profile Creation:

  1. Find a website to register
  2. Enter the required details and register
  3. Now create your profile
  4. Include your target URL

Profile creation Search queries:

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Business Listing

It means enlisting a business on a business listing website such as Facebook, Yelp, and Google. This act boosts your online presence and makes it easy for people to find you online.

Business listing can increase website traffic and sales leads.

Steps for Business Listing:

  1. Open a business listing website
  2. Login or register
  3. Follow guidelines and enlist a business

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