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Do You Need A WordPress Website?

Wordpress Website

Get Familiar With WordPress

WordPress is known to power nearly one-third of the global websites, from startups to big corporations such as NBC, the New York Post, Time Inc., Sony, etc. It is one of the content management systems (CMS) and site builders that can be installed by users for free. However, it offers exceptionally unique features, which makes it one of a kind content management system in the present age.

What Is All That Fuss About?

Surprisingly, WordPress takes first place when it comes to the most used platforms for site building, and it is followed by Drupal and Joomla. These all are free to use and download, and they bring with them a lot of cool resources and add-ons for delivering the best-customized experience to the users. You can customize them to match your needs.

Joomla and Drupal both need a specific level of technical knowledge and know-how of CSS, HTML, and PHP. However, WordPress enables users to match that level. Still, as compared to Joomla and Drupal, WordPress comes with a good range of features for beginners to assist them in setting up their site quickly without having to code or program.

Would you like to know why you need WordPress? Well, the first reason is that you might not need a web development service as WordPress is easy to use and understand, doesn’t require programming or coding. But there are other useful things that can make WordPress your first choice. Read the following benefits of WordPress to know why WordPress can be the perfect solution for all your needs.

Adaptable and Flexible For Modern Needs

Initially, WordPress was aimed at supporting blogs and other related kinds of online publishing. Today, it powers a good range of sites made for diverse purposes. WordPress is used by people all over the world for running complex websites for big multinational corporations, creating personal blogs, and managing small businesses. WordPress websites happen to contain e-commerce stores, typically full service, host a social network, podcast, or showcase a portfolio. Whatever is the organization’s requirements, the fundamental WordPress package, along with a range of plugins that can be basic as well as premium, can acter to all kinds of needs. Thankfully, it has a variety of themes and offers easy access to the source files, because of which it has been a flexible and adaptable platform for changing needs.

User-Friendly For All Types Of Users

You can install a WordPress website and run it in just a few minutes. You do not need to have any technical know-how. What you must need is a domain name along with a hosting web account. Moreover, you can install WordPress for free via your WordPress hosting provider.

WordPress is known for offering an easy to use interface, and users of all ages find it simple and straightforward. Especially with the no coding and programming benefit, most users love WordPress because even the beginners can learn its use in just a little time. Moreover, you can upload posts, customize its layout, create labels, and do so much more with just a few taps.

A Wide Range Of Themes

WordPress has so much to offer, and when it comes to themes, users have almost unlimited choices. Whatever your site is about, you will have a theme that suits your brand and reflects its image along with useful features and customizable natures that makes your site unique and prominent, among others. You can have access to free themes, and also you can purchase the paid ones if you want. Additionally, you have the chance to preview a theme before you apply it to your site and see whether or not it will suit your style. However, you can always customize your themes according to your requirements of you feel like making some changes.

Plugins Make It Even Better

WordPress contains all elements that are required to create a standard site; however, may users need more specific functions that can cater to their unique needs. The popular WordPress plugin directory offers a good range of plugins that enables users to add certain facilities to their site such as contact forms, galleries, shopping carts, SEO tools, site stats tool, and so much more. Moreover, users have the option to purchase and add a good number of plugins created by third-party developers.  You can activate, deactivate, or even uninstall a plugin when you feel you do not need it.

High Ranking

Will you believe if we tell you that WordPress websites rank higher in search engine results? Well, basically, sites created via WordPress score good ranks in search results, and that is because of their keywords. Another factor for high ranking is that these sites are updated regularly and that WordPress users can optimize their site by using good search engine optimization tools.

Mobile Resposive Sites

Google favors the sites that are more mobile responsive than the other. It can be considered as one of the factors that influence a website’s ranking. WordPress websites are not only easy to create, but they are also mobile-responsive, which means that you will have the chance to attract more web traffic as mobile device users are increasing in numbers. Of course, some other factors affect your web traffic as well but since WordPress websites have the ability to load faster on mobile devices, you can worry less about at least one thing.

Built-In Blog

WordPress is popularfor being an exceptional content management system, and it offers a diverse range of features that allow users to publish their content easily; one of its useful features is a built-in blog. You can access it from any device and at any time. This feature proves to be useful for all kinds of sites to add any announcements or relevant blogs.

A Friendly Community Of Developers

You know you are not alone when you have a bunch of friends having your back at all times. The same is the case with WordPress. Whenever and wherever you are stuck, remember that you have a wide WordPress community to help you with anything. People in the community are very responsive, and they are willing to help others. There are people from all over the world, and of course, you can learn from them all you want.



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