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How to create a highly converting Shopify landing page

Shopify Landing Page

All marketers know a landing page is one of the fundamental ingredients of getting higher conversions. Creating landing pages in Shopify is quick and easy. A landing page is a web page that grabs the attention of potential buyers by generating an action. The biggest challenge in E-commerce marketing isn’t to create a landing page but to create a landing page that brings more conversions. The conversion of such pages is around 2% normally, but this can reach as high as 8%. For that, you need to put in a lot of effort. Mentioned below are a few ways that can help you achieve a better conversion rate on your landing page.

Keep your readers in your mind

The first step is to know the audience. If you know your audience, then design your content for the landing page as per the demand of your readers. Your content must address your audience directly.

The conversion rate will grow if you have a neutral tone that is easily understandable for your readers. The right expression will clear all the vague things and answer all the doubts of your customers. Following up with your audience is also useful.

To produce the content according to the readers, you must read their reviews and comments before. Doing so will help you in getting the main idea of what a customer is demanding from you.

Write about the pros of products

When you get to know your audience well, you start understanding the needs of your audience. All you need to do is to unfold the benefits of your product. If you offer useful information to your readers, they are more likely to take interest and buy from you. Like “what are the benefits for me if I buy this product?” The landing pages in Shopify with good conversions also use this technique. Try to be precise. Use bullet points that are eye-catching and understandable for customers.

Brief and straightforward content

What is important on your landing page is the words written there. If you can state a thing in a line, don’t use a paragraph for it. Highlight the main things that need attraction. Play with the font to make things more attractive and stand out. You may add some supporting images. You may use comparison to state why your product is better than others. Doing so will surely bring more conversions, only if you justify your products being better than the rest. With a clear and concise message, it gets a lot easier for your potential buyer to read the relevant information and grab what they need.

User Interface

One must create a user-friendly interface where a user can easily find what that person he is looking for. Also, the user interface should be appealing. The color scheme of the landing page should be engaging and eye-catching. It should not be too bright that the user may not see the screen or too low that the typed things get less visible. Moreover, the main links should be clearly visible.

Restrict the Call to Action

You must limit the call to action. If you are keeping the contact through email opt-in, then don’t add the add-to-cart button and vice versa. Doing so should be the focal point for visitors. There should be no uncertainty or confusion in this button. When you give your customers multiple choices, it hurts your conversions. If you give your customers a paradox of choice, this will lead to analysis paralysis. So you need to be direct and restrict to the call of action.

Use Visual Imagery

As we have heard all our lives, “The first impression is the last impression.” So, what you need to focus on is your pages’ appearance. It should be eye-catching because the visitors will develop your image as soon as they open your page. Your site should be engaging. What people are expecting from your site is that it should be a professional and well-designed landing page.


As the world is shifting on mobile devices, what you need to keep a keen eye on is how much feasible your landing page for a mobile user. You may modify the options that might not look well or give a bad impression on mobile devices. Keep testing your page off and on so that if there is any problem, it immediately gets corrected.

E-commerce is common nowadays, and to run an online business, one must have a good command over things. The most important thing on which the seller should work is the landing page. The seller should ensure to have a highly converting Shopify landing page.



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