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8 Tips to boost your conversions on your Amazon listing

boost your conversions on your Amazon listing

The less research you’ll need to do to draw new customers, the better. But if you can’t extract value from your existing shoppers, then your conversions are not going to be very high and you’re going to lose out on potential sales. A company can improve its conversions by knowing the strengths and weakness’, If any company wants to be on a higher scale they should do the amazon swot analysis every month. But for conversions, here are 8 tips you can start using to improve your Amazon conversion rate today.

  1. Play with Colour Psychology

Colors have unconscious effects on people and they can impact your conversion rates by using them in strategic ways.

Red: Good for power, urgency, passion, and vigor. Use it for things like making a sale close.

Pink: Correlated with femininity and romance. Use it for things like women and girl’s marketing.

Orange: It represents strength, agitation, and aggression. Using it for subscriptions and calls-to-action stuff like.

Yellow: Associated with youth and optimism. Use it for things like getting people into a deal or product to look closer.

Green: It has to do with richness, relaxation, and peace. Use it for stuff like presenting a new or complicated concept to customers when they need something to process quickly

Blue: It makes people feel calm, confident, and secure. Using it for stuff like the sharing of financial details.

Purple: Will make people feel pampered and soothed. Use it for such things as healthcare sales or beauty products.

Brown: This usually implies strength, reliability, and confidence. Using it to persuade buyers on the fence, for stuff like that.

Black: Creates a heavy, sleek, and dominant look. Using this for items like high-end or luxury goods.

White: Has an air of blank slate-ness and transparency. Use it to make products stand out without any background noise, for things like

2.   Include Questions in Your Copy

Look at the following two copy instances, and see which one can draw you in more.

·         43 percent of seniors have arthritis. Here’s how you can keep your chances down.

·         43 percent of seniors have arthritis. Do you do everything you can to stay out of the pool?

You’re consciously engaging the reader by posing a question and drawing them in on a deeper level. You get them to reflect on what you’ve written and thought about the information you’ve had, instead of passively presenting the information and hoping they’ll bite — and a deeper engagement can lead to a higher conversion rate.

3.    Encourage them to Add to Cart Instead of Buy

Buying is the main objective but stop directly writing it out. It takes more effort than asking them to add something to their cart (even though you do want them to buy it). But once someone has something in their cart, they are about a millimeter away from buying it, which demands a bit of a different strategy. The trick is to get them to push slowly along, and not with too many large leaps.

4.    Entice Them with a Promotion

People are fond of feeling like they’ve got a decent deal. It doesn’t have to be a special knock-it-out-of-the-park but just something that makes them feel like they’ve won before they buy.

For example, you may test a bunch of different promotions to see which one is most effective, whether it’s a ‘buy X, get X off,’ ‘free X with the buy,’ ‘free shipping over X,’ or ‘X off before X date.’

5.    Making the Purchase Process as Simple as Possible

The more seamless you make the route between browsing and buying, the higher the chances are that the conversion rate will increase. And such things as:


·         Creates only one job per landing page for the customer.

·         Use colorful buttons that make selections easy to make (instead of text boxes).

·         Have a CTA at the bottom of each page which contains a reasonable amount of copy.

·         Take the imagination, the fussy elements out, and keep it simple and straightforward.

·         Check various landing pages for different sources of traffic/audiences.

Following the purchase add a thank you, and seek to provide a bonus to create a memorable impression.

6.    Trial Amazon Pay Per Click

Another perfect way to theoretically boost sales rates and enter in the world of evergreen content marketing is by charging for an advertisement, earning the top spot. Amazon pay per click, or PPC, is similar to Google search giant in that vendors can pay for related ads to gain the top spot. Sellers can purchase the search space by targeting established search terms and appear in relevant results, with listings classified as ‘supported.’

  • Write Accurate and Engaging Product Descriptions

You need to increase the click-throughs on a page to eventually improve the conversion rate, which means creating engaging, concise titles that inspire users to click and learn more. Remember, conversion rates are determined based on the number of people viewing, or by clicking on your page, so get those headings that are ‘click-worthy.’ Make sure to define your product accurately as well, do not be ambiguous or confuse potential buyers, because that will affect your ability to rank higher in Amazon search and will also directly impact your conversion levels.

8.    Trial and Error Testing!

Such tips are some excellent ways to help boost conversion rates while ensuring that listings are well designed, but there is no particular magic ingredient to deliver high conversion listings on the largest marketplace in the world. We highly recommend that you as an individual seller check what works well for you. By tweaking product details, using shorter or longer titles, and even using emoji’s to entice readers to click through-try and check subtle discrepancies in product listings and find one that works for you.



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