In this era of information technology and technological advancements, where a new born child talks about Wi-Fi connectivity and 5G coverage is available in the outskirts. Where a child holds a mini computer at school and our dads are reading newspaper on their electronic tablets while sitting on the toilet seat, meanwhile our mothers are searching a recipe on their mini computers standing in the kitchen. Who wouldn’t be aware of the technology called the Internet? Now they’ve been ancient times when a salesperson rang your door bell and requested to listen to him for a minute or buy a particular product, now its history when pamphlets were showered from a Fokker or a chopper, promoting a new product or a new restaurant in town. Billboards are out of fashion now and newspapers are too costly.(Coupey)Today the increase in the social media and influence of Facebook, Orkut and other websites has impacted people to get affecting by the marketing on Facebook.

This is the IT age, where everything has gone electronic, perhaps mobile. But as talking about internet marketing we primarily need to learn what marketing is? According to the encyclopedia it is the doings of a firm related to purchasing and further selling a good or a facility. (Hoffman) The process of marketing adds up promotion, vending and provision of the product at the required place. But before selling a product the company needs to get the consideration of the people for their product or service with different methods of packaging, or promoting the product with the help of a superstar, for instance Cristiano Ronaldo promotes the Clear shampoo, which increases its sales. In traditional marketing you need to take care of your product, then the place you’re selling it or who your target customers are and the price which attracts customers and then how you endorse your product. Firstly you have to recognize what your product is, which includes the quality and brand name. Second thing is your target market or your target customers. Setting up an ideal price, which gets you a good profit and is customer gaining. And in the last your promotion matters! (Marketting)(Hoffman)

But what if internet saves you from all this hustle? Yes, internet marketing. Also known as online marketing or e-marketing is the method of advertisement of a make or good or facility available in the market. It’s the process to aware people by electronic means that a particular product is accessible for you. Internet marketing is a combination of practical and inventive features of the www which includes planning, production and transactions along with promotions. It provides the placement of commercials during the demand of the product changes. (Williams)

There are different methods of internet marketing, which first lists the marketing type where the firm displays his or her product on a promoter website by paying it. Then we see the type of marketing in which the company displays banners on websites to increase the customer’s product awareness. You can even reach your customers through internet or via social websites. Internet marketing is efficient and very effective at the same time. You can reach hundred and thousands of people at the same time targeting your desired market. In fact this promotion and commerce does not cost you the one third of the physical marketing. A wide ranged online promotion plan can increase your sales considerably. (Internet Marketting For Smart people) (Jones, Malczyk and Beneke)

A strong business necessitates the online promotion approaches. So there should be a strategy to make your internet marketing successful. We should divide the plan into a list:

  1. Before you approach the market or your customers via internet, advertise a little and promote your name so that the people wait for your product to release.
  2. Identify your contestants in business and try to use a better strategy than them to capture their market. And try copying the best marketing strategy of your opponents.
  3. Then you need to recognize and comprehend your target market. Their taste, age, environment, thinking and survey about them in every way so that you could please them. For instance if your target market is youngsters, try advertising your product over movie or song sharing websites in order to grab their attention.
  4. Try to take feedback over internet by sending your customers surveys and questionnaires and offer gifts for filling them. And keep a record of the customer likes and dislikes. Try creating a site or a page for your customer awareness about the product and try answering their questions to create business goodwill. (Ron and Tasra)
  5. Hire internet experts who can run your company interface efficiently and you need to learn the email and internet basics.
  6. Create interesting websites for youngsters and children in order to attract them and get more sales. And offer gifts.
  7. Take online orders and offer free delivery and online payments. That would save the customer time and your extra promotion and shop rent costs like traditional marketing.
  8. Give offers and arrange online contests for the people and give gifts.
  9. Communicate with your companies. (About Marketing)

Usually in traditional marketing it is difficult for a small business to compete its promotion with large businesses but in internet marketing all businesses can compete each other. It is difficult for a business to evaluate its market traditionally in a short time and design a new marketing strategy whereas in internet marketing it is easy and less time and budget consuming to promote your business. You do not need to count or wait for papers to analyze and evaluate the number of people visiting your shops; you can just view the traffic on your website in e-marketing. (Schubert, Petra, and Dorian Selz)It is easy multiply the number of viewers and customers online as they are just one click away and a person demanding your product can easily search the product and purchase it online rather than increasing the shoeleather cost like traditional marketing. So in comparison with the traditional marketing, internet marketing is cost saving, immediate, has more number of audience and easily trackable progress. Rather than spending high budget and finances on billboards, pamphlets and prints in newspaper magazines, it’s better to spend a little on internet marketing and avail more response and get more customers. A print advertisement is difficult to change but online marketing makes it easier to edit the ad at once and alter it. The results that you get from traditional marketing are difficult to measure (Schubert, Petra, and Dorian Selz) but it is easy to evaluate the people viewing and liking your promotion online. (Coupey)

Internet marketing helps you promote your products and services at minimum costs, while you can measure the results of it by noticing the increase in customers and sales and gradually in your profits. Communication with your online customers is very easy and you can possibly talk to everyone as the whole world uses internet. You can provide superior and comprehendible information to your customers to satisfy them and you can take the assistance of visual aids to enhance the customer’s knowledge for your product and service. The customer feels easy and secure to communicate with you while getting his orders at home at a distance of a click.

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