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4 powerful ways to scale your Facebook ads

Facebook Ads is one of the most potentially-profitably PPC platforms right now, especially with high-engaging Instagram as part of its ad system. Brands of all sizes (and with budgets of all sizes) are relying heavily on this ad marketplace to reach new customers, develop brand awareness, and nurture users through the conversion process.

For just a few marketing campaigns to test the waters, many companies start small but they don’t necessarily want to remain small. Scaling is usually the ultimate aim, at whatever pace it works best for you, but scaling marketing campaigns can be almost as hard as scaling your own company if you’re not sure what to do next.

Fortunately, there are 4 simple ways to scale your Facebook ad campaigns to reach to evergreen marketing and we will go over each one in-depth in this post so you can choose the choices that work best for you.

Bump Your Budget Up

This is the easiest way to scale your marketing campaigns: spin more money on ads that can absorb increased ad spending and retain or surpass profitability. Here’s why it can be a little tricky: to raise the budget, some marketing campaigns don’t hold up well. It is more popular when the ad campaign has run its course pretty much; a spike in a higher budget does not change that. For example, campaigns that have limited custom targets and levels that crawl past scores of 3 or 4 won’t benefit from further ad spending, because they’ve already peaked pretty much.

And other campaigns are perfect candidates for a budget boost. It’s a smart idea to channel some of your ads spend on ads that were successful and highly engaging for at least two weeks during a test period. You want to search for interaction rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates that have remained stable throughout that period and preferably with a low frequency. Such projects are best able to accommodate a budgetary surge and are likely to be scalable.

Scale gradually for optimal results; major increases in ad spending (such as going from $100 a month to $10,000 a month) can be risky unless you’ve tried those increases before, so it’s easier to take it incrementally. You can also use automatic rules from Facebook to boost ad spending on ads that meet certain conditions, such as a level below 3 and a rate of engagement or conversion above a certain percentage point. It saves you from having to go through every plan and change it manually, but you can track each one carefully.

Test Multiple Versions of a Single Idea

You have a good campaign on video which you think has a lot of potentials. Thinking about it though, you realize that three separate paths may be taken by the copy used in the campaign video or text section. One, for example, might focus on a short, point-to-point, feature-benefit angle.

Split checking on Facebook advertising is a reasonable first call, because ad campaigns, the industry, and customers are all volatile. However, you will not only be able to see what works but you will also be able to create several “new” ads even though you use the same simple ad concept to change things. Through scaling, this works well and prevents the frequency from soaring too high.

Turn a Single Ad Into a Multi-Funnel Campaign

It’s crucial to note that campaigns don’t exist in isolated bubbles; anything we do with our marketing strategies should have an immediate and big picture goal that you concentrate on. For example, if you create a powerful video ad with brand awareness, that’s great! It gets plenty of shares, and maybe even a couple of clicks to your blog. You don’t want to let that momentum go to waste, so turning successful advertising into multi-stage funnel promotions is the perfect way to build on that momentum so scale your ads up.

The best way to promote long-term success is to rehearse a simple, deliberate funnel that shows users increasingly relevant ads based on their previous encounters with other ads and the landing pages they are going to. Users are more likely to buy more as they get further down the funnel and this should be kept in mind.

Introduce New Formats Into Your Campaigns

Will you have a campaign like a carousel ad or newsfeed video ad that’s already doing well? Why not tailor it to new ad formats? You can convert landscape ads to square images, so you can use them as the first slide in a carousel commercial, or convert any kind of video for a story campaign into a vertical format. Find a template that suits the new format for which you want to adapt, and add video clips, pictures, and text to the slides you have assigned. This takes just a few minutes and allows you to take a single great campaign and adapt it to as many placements as you want. It allows you to meet more customers and opens up further placements, allowing you to quickly scale up.


As you grow your company, you’ll want to make sure that alongside it, you’re scaling up Facebook Ad campaigns. It will help you meet more customers at various stages of the sales funnel, and further personally communicate with them, through overall success. It’s important to bear in mind that there are several different ways to scale your Facebook Ad campaigns using Facebook commerce manager, as we mentioned in this post, so before you do something, consider what will make the most sense for your campaigns as they currently exist.




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