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Facebook Ads

Free and Effective Facebook marketing tools to lift your campaigns

Facebook Ads Tools

We all want to get more juice out of our ads on Facebook but there are plenty of barriers in the way. Some of us struggle to identify what changes we need to make for our Facebook posts to get more visibility and traction. Some know just what to do, but don’t have the money or the manpower to pull it off.

Thankfully, there are a whole host of Facebook marketing resources (like Facebook commerce manager) out there to lighten these burdens! Here are six super-efficient Facebook marketing tools that will help you advertise for free on Facebook.


We all know posting a steady stream of interesting, relevant content to your Facebook wall is important. However, getting out and hunting down share-worthy stuff can be a huge pain indeed. Now you can outsource the scavenging to DrumUp and mark the job off your to-do list right away! A free tool finds engaging stories fit for your audience, rates them, and then queues them up for sharing on your social media accounts. All you have to do to get started is include a list of the appropriate keywords. The service scores the web for and provides stories related to these keywords in a content feed. See a video you like? Give it a click and DrumUp adds it to your list of shares. This also chooses an appropriate time for sharing the message.

If you want to modify it, you can click on the post and attach a comment along with the title, change the posting date and time, include a suggested hashtag uploading a picture and even schedule the posting to be repeated in the future!

You can also make your original posts in addition to the content the tool recommends, meaning you can use this tool to control ALL of your Facebook shares.


LikeAlyzer, driven by Meltwater’s people, offers a detailed assessment of your Facebook page results, combined with super-acting tips on how to improve your brand interaction. Like several free resources, to obtain the evaluation, you do not have to return any personal information. Just plug in the URL of your page and it will be created automatically within seconds.

The report is user-friendly and provides clear insights into what works for your Facebook account, and is not working. As you can see, we are posting at least once a day, but if we varied the type of material, posted at various times of the day, and asked our audience more questions, our posts might get a lot more interaction. These simple changes could impact our output a great deal!

LikeAlyzer also shows you how the profile matches up to that of “Similar Brands,” and you can get a real feel for how much attention rivals pay to their presence on Facebook.


This design tool comes in handy if you need to build a custom image, an activity you will find yourself doing very frequently if you handle Facebook marketing efforts at your company.

I love Canva because it is incredibly intuitive. It provides pre-sized Facebook page cover models, updates, and app content. You can drag-and-drop a variety of design elements (images, text, and shapes) to populate it, once you have selected your template — you’re all set!

Don’t have an eye for design? I feel bad for you. The first few photos of Canva that I created myself were nothing short of heinous. Luckily the Canva team is sympathetic to our limitations! Canva did not restrict itself to a particular age group or region, it welcomes people of all ages and demographics. Their online design school features a wealth of tips and tutorials to help users create more beautiful images for marketing content and social media for all around the world.

Facebook Power Editor

Facebook’s people have developed this free marketing platform especially for savvy advertisers who run numerous campaigns and advertising. If you’re disappointed with normal Facebook Advertising system limitations, that’s for you!

With Power Editor, programs, ad packs, and advertisements can be easily created and duplicated. It allows you to edit all of your ad sets within the same window, making it simple to change granular information such as differences in text, targeting placement, and monitoring of conversions.

After all of your campaigns have been produced you can set them live at the same time and they are usually accepted within minutes. All in all, this is a seamless process that will help you more effectively get multiple new Facebook ads into production than you can in the Ad Manager. Perhaps more exciting, as a user of the Power Editor, you have the chance to become an early adopter of innovative ad technologies. Usually, Facebook conducts a test run of all-new Power Editor Products to gage their success before building them into the standard interface. That can give competitors a leg up.

Headline Analyzer

Marketers know the headline of a post will make or break its success. We’re making meticulous efforts to produce eye-catching, persuasive headlines for blog posts and ad copy and it would be insane not to do the same for Facebook shares! The problem is, predicting which headlines will work best for your audience can be tough – that’s where Coschedule ‘s Headline Analyzer comes in handy.

When a potential headline has been brainstormed, plug it into this device. It will spit out an overall score for your headline along with a detailed evaluation of its structure, character count, feeling, and a preview of what it would look like in subject lines and ad copy email. Perhaps the most useful feature of this resource is the connection in each section that provides tips, examples, and case studies.

If you’re not a natural wordsmith, then this is your Facebook device. It tells you what you need to learn about writing headlines like the best web marketers!

Timeline Contest Manager

Contests are a perfect way to encourage interaction with your Facebook page but it can be a total nightmare to manage them yourself. Timeline Contest Manager at Agorapulse streamlines the process for you. It allows advertisers to launch their timelines with an unlimited number of contests, ranging from quizzes to photo contests to sweepstakes. To get started, pick an existing post announcing the contest you would like to promote. Then choose the sort of contest you want to run. The winning criteria will be included and the tool will search the post to help you find your winners! While this seems to be Agorapulse’s most popular free tools, they also offer a Facebook Page Barometer and Agorapulse Academy that’s worth checking out for!

By using these six marketing tools one can lift the campaigns to the height of glory. These tools are free of cost and are very effective for the growth of the marketing of any business.



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