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Social Media Marketing

Pros and Cons of brands using social media for advertising

Social media is a great opportunity to start your business and watch its growth.  It has a lot of pros with some cons too. Here are seven benefits of using social media for an advertisement:

  1. A large audience can be reached:

Millions of people use social media sites. For your company, it is a great opportunity to reach a wide pool of people who are interested in your products or services. Below are the estimates of U.S. people use social media platforms online or on the smartphone, according to Pew Research Center:

  • On YouTube: 73%
  • Facebook-68%
  • Instagram-35%
  • Pinterest-29%
  • Snapchat-27%
  • LinkedIn-25%
  • Twitter-24%

U.S. consumers are using all of these apps, providing fantastic opportunities for the company to obtain leads. You have multiple chances of finding leads and being able to engage them on these various channels. The opportunity to reach large audiences provides a major social media benefit. This opens the door to find more leads for your company that want your goods or services. For example, a coffee shop in Washington, D.C. might be using social media to attract locals and visitors. When creating social ads or boosting organic posts, they may target users within a given radius or venue. Either of these strategies could help get the store foot traffic.

  • Builds a direct connection with the audience:

Social media is one of the few marketing techniques that allow you to reach your audience directly. You know who’s interested in your company if they want to follow your page on social media. When you use a Facebook commerce manager, it also helps to build a strong connection with your audience.

The value of social media benefits the business in several ways:

You get to know them better: When you know your audience better, you can supply them with more relevant content. You make the content more tailored to their interests, which results in more interaction with your website and your company.

You have great customer service: A strong interaction with your audience makes it easier to solve problems. You can address them personally, deal with their 1-on-1 issues, and build your brand in the process in a positive light.

You gain valuable information about your customers: the clear interaction with your client allows you to better understand your market. You see who is interacting with your messages, and how they are communicating. This allows you to change your approach to better match your followers.

You know how your audience perceives your business: Understanding how people see your company is also a smart thing. You know what your audience feels about your business with social media marketing. This is a big benefit of social media marketing because you can draw on things that people like about your company and address elements that they don’t like.

The direct interaction with your audience is a perfect way to boost your marketing strategy overall. You’ll gain feedback from your fans and be able to better adapt your social media plan to suit their needs.

  • You can create organic content:

The opportunity to share organic content for free is an incredible advantage to the company from social media. It offers the organization multiple opportunities to communicate with important leads at no expense. It’s one of the reasons companies are fond of using these channels. You can share as much material as you want to get your audience interested too.

According to the social media network, these sites allow you to upload images, videos, and more. It’s a great way to put your brand out before people who are interested in your business and help them get to know it more.

  • You get access to paid advertising services:

If you want to go beyond organic advertising, you have the option of running paid ads. Each social media provides its form of paid publicity. Depending on your site your social media advertising ability can vary. Pay advertisements provide an opportunity for your company to interact with interested leads who have not yet found your company. Social networking sites allow you to customize your advertising to show up in the feeds of people looking for your products and services. It offers the company a great opportunity to extend its reach and obtain new leads. Find your business, which results in new followers, as well as conversions for your business, you help more interested leaders.

  • You build your brand:

Social media marketing has one advantage in the opportunity to develop the brand. You show these to your brand as you interact with interested leads. The opportunity to post organic content for free allows you to consistently create brand awareness with your audience. That generates trust for the brand. The more people are exposed to your mark, the more familiar they become with it. Brand recognition leads to more downstream sales as consumers prefer to buy from products that they know well.

Even social media lets you create your brand, as it allows sharing. On those sites, you can post, retweet, and re-pin stuff. This means followers can share their content with their friends and family, which helps to introduce more people to your brand.

It is a great way for you to gain new leads. You will achieve leads you wouldn’t otherwise meet. It helps make your followers grow and earn more leads.

  • You drive traffic to your website:

Social media is a great catalyst for transporting traffic to the website of your business.

Most of the social media sites enable you to post content to your website with a link. If you are creating compelling material, click on the link to entice your audience. This will guide them to your site where they will be able to learn more about your business. It’s a great opportunity for you to help your audience come to know your business better. They can check your website and learn about the products and services you offer. You can also let people use your site to book appointments or pay bills, depending on your company. For example, a marketing campaign for dental social media will guide people to the website of the company to book their first appointment and complete any new forms for patients. More traffic on your site will also help your other marketing efforts, as you will be driving more relevant traffic to your site.

  • You can evaluate your performance:

The last benefit of social media marketing is the ability to measure your results. Each time you conduct a marketing campaign, you want to learn how it works. Social media platforms make tracking your campaign easy to see if you’re driving valuable results. You will assess how many people are reading your content, commenting on, sharing, and more. When you run a marketing campaign, you can also display metrics for that. You’ll see stats like clicks, interactions, and conversions. If you can assess the efficiency of your social media plan, you can refine it to achieve better outcomes, and enhance it.

  • Access to social media is free:

One of the greatest advantages of social media marketing is that getting started is entirely free. None of the largest platforms have any type of sign-up fees, so the only investment you’ll need to make it in time form. That being said, most social media platforms have paid-for advertising options. These can be a great tool to grow your followers and reach more users but are not necessarily compulsory for businesses.

  • You can create viral content:

The possibility of getting help from your followers is perhaps the most unique advantage of social media. People want to share stuff with their networks, from pictures and recipes to fascinating articles and hot deals. They want to pursue with evergreen content marketing which blooms their business. Like other types of internet marketing, such as the blog and paid ads, content is also posted on social media. Your followers will share with their followers however broad your reach, who then share with their followers, giving you a broader reach (with lower costs) than a conventional marketing campaign.

  1. You may discover valuable insights:

You can also use social media to gain valuable customer information which will help you make smarter business decisions. Social listening, for example, allows you to discover how people feel about your company and your brand. You will discover conversations about your company through social listening, and address questions about your deals. What do you love about your business? How can you improve your products and services to suit your target audience’s needs better? Knowing the answers to those questions will separate the company from the competition and attract more people.

There are always disadvantages to whatever marketing strategy. The disadvantages do not mean that the approach is not effective, but that you may have to jump through potential hurdles during your campaign.

  1. Be prepared for negative feedback:

People are using social media to post content that they enjoy, but they are also using it to share things they have not enjoyed. When someone has had a bad business experience it opens a door for them to share their poor experience with others. The negative feedback comes in various ways. Anyone can leave a negative review on your profile on sites like Twitter, and share their negative experiences. If somebody next checks your company out, they’re going to look at the ratings and see the negative feedback. Users can tag a company in their posts on sites like Twitter, and share their negative experiences. People can retweet and spread that poor experience across the network. Social media sites are catalysts for moaning and negative reviews being left out. Individuals are using their profiles to help others appreciate their suffering. Most people believe that there is a moral duty to share their experiences to discourage others from experiencing the same.

Too much negative feedback can harm your future marketing efforts. People trust others to give them insight into your company, particularly if they are hearing about your business for the first time. With social media, negative feedback from earning leads may impede your business.

TIP: React to this whenever you receive negative feedback on social media. Don’t leave complaints and concerns of individuals unaddressed. Not all can view your company favorably, but fixing the problems will speak volumes about your company and its values.

  1. You open up the potential for embarrassment

Posts on social media can go viral quickly. On social media people keep a close eye on the positive and the poor. If you are not careful about the material that you share, you might end up humiliating your business and being caught in an uncomfortable situation. The hashtag “WhyIStayed,” for example, was trending on social media at one point. This campaign has been about sharing their experience with victims of domestic abuse. Sending social media by surprise, the hashtag became a facilitator for discussions around abusive connections.

DiGiorno Pizza saw this phenomenon in the hashtag and wanted to get in on a brand publicity opportunity. We posted a message that said, “# WhyIStayed you had pizza.” People were angry about their message at the organization within minutes. The pizza company hadn’t preliminary researched the tweet to realize what it was about. The tweet was deleted in minutes but it lasted a long time for the impact. Even after it was deleted people were still thinking about the tweet.

To DiGiorno, this was an awkward moment that exploded through social media. They spent the next few weeks doing damage control along with thousands of users on Twitter explaining their error. The carelessness of the tweet made people view DiGiorno negatively. When you post on social media, there is always a chance to embarrass your business in the event of an accident. This is a major setback for social media.

TIP: Do your research always before you post content on social media. If it’s an image, a hashtag, or a picture, do your homework and see if there’s some way it could be misconstrued. Research lets you customize your content to avoid embarrassment in your business.

13.  You have to wait to see the results:

We expect to see quick outcomes when businesses are investing in marketing campaigns. You want to know that your plans are working and that your time is worth the investment. You don’t see instant success with the social media ads. The success in social media marketing is predicated on the overall effectiveness of the campaign. Posting one piece of content doesn’t decide your campaign progress. To assess the true success of your campaign you need to publish several pieces of content over a while. It is a social media drawback because you have to wait to see results. You have to be patient and wait a couple of weeks to see results before changing your plan.



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