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Why Business can’t survive without an effective content marketing

The world’s leading brands have proven content marketing to be the most effective, realistic, and efficient ways of marketing your company or marketing team can adopt to attract and maintain qualified leads and customers.

We will take you through the top 10 reasons in this article why you should integrate your content marketing strategy and why it is the most efficient way to develop strong business relationships and increase sales for your business.

1.      Content Marketing Works Incredibly Well For Any Industry, Product Or Service

The content will provide value for your target audience to engage these leads and help build that brand awareness you wouldn’t get otherwise. 

From small businesses and companies to large organizations, each of these can exploit content marketing to expand and solidify the brand, thus having a positive impact on revenue and the end target.

When you understand the potential and know who your target audience is, you’ve got what you need to start your plan for content creation.

2.      It Establishes Brand Awareness And Recognition.

There are people out there who are a great fit to invest in your products or services, but they just haven’t seen your brand or heard it. By developing and distributing relevant content in the form of blogs, videos, landing pages, and infographics that is educational, informative, inspirational, and entertaining, you will position your brand as an authority knowledgeable about the topic and expert in the field. The content will give your target audience value in engaging these leads and help build that brand awareness you wouldn’t get otherwise.

3.      Content Marketing Builds Familiarity, Credibility, And Trust

It is by far the most effective way of managing current and future customer ties. As you continue to give them value through quality content, you help your customers solve the common challenges they face, which in turn encourages them to trust your advice and seek guidance when they most need it. You may add Facebook Commerce manager in to make it more effective.

4.      Content Marketing Counts As Touchpoints

 We’ve seen all of that before. We need them to engage our brand 7 times first to acquire a customer! Well, valuable content is a perfect way, and very fast, to make those touchpoints happen. Every single touchpoint is a visual and/or message which literally “touches” the customer and makes them feel a certain way. Touchpoints together build client experience.

So with every blog or social post, educational video, or email they receive from you, your lead or prospect becomes ever closer to being your actual client. And at a fraction of the cost as compared with traditional advertising forms!

5.      It Helps With Overcoming Objections

 Content Marketing allows you to provide your audience with free information that is helpful and proves that your services can help them by helping them through free content first.

Helping a potential customer before buying automatically starts eliminating those common objections one by one and lowers their chances of having buyers remorse. Often this way of going above and beyond makes people feel like they owe you something, or need to reciprocate. We all know that being generous at the start of any relationship wins over the other person and convinces them that you’re good for it.

6.      Content Marketing Gives You A Great Reason To Follow Up

 Too many enterprises keep their sales and marketing separate into two teams. According to IDC as compiled by HubSpot, “This silo mentality results in a huge loss of opportunity for these businesses — above 10 percent or more revenue annually.”

Believe it or not, just keeping your leads, prospects, and customers “in touch” creates confidence now that leads to sales later on. Content marketing also provides a reason for following up on your sales and customer service reps.

Whether it’s complimenting a customer on a business achievement that you saw on their website, sending them a relevant article that you found or wrote, commenting on their social media or blog content, or sharing something new that worked for your company that might work for them as well, all of these are sure ways to connect regularly with that warm lead in a genuine way that counts as a touchpoint.

7.      Content Marketing Leads To Volume And Price Increases

As you increase the visibility of your brand through content distribution, more and more people become acquainted with your brand and as a result, your demand will likely increase. This kind of growth allows you to scale up by either raising your sales price or volume.

When the content you produce is important and focused, it creates trust and a desire in the minds of the consumer, thus increasing the market for your goods or services and creating the space for expansion in prices.

8.      Content Marketing Is Reusable

 Last but not least, this quality content that you create over time is a library of assets for your company and can be reused. They will illuminate why your company is the best in the industry, endorse its main selling points, and highlight your goods and services. These assets can be recycled over many years and should be used regularly throughout the life of your business to help in your sales cycle and to build relationships with prospects.

You will find that many of the guessing games that come with a shotgun marketing approach go away by implementing a content creation and distribution strategy into your overall marketing plan. This will in return prove to be evergreen marketing.

By placing valuable content directly related to your industry and the products and services you sell, you can achieve qualified leads, build credibility and trust with them, and transform them into customers — and much more efficiently than ever before.



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