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Facebook Ads

Tried & Tested Winning FB Ads Strategy [E-COMMERCE]

Fb Ads

We follow a battle-tested Facebook Ads strategy for all of our E-commerce clients. This very strategy is responsible for growing 7 and 8 figure businesses. We may change a few things depending upon different niches, but overall the strategy and essence remains the same.

The campaigns structure will look something like below:

Campaign setup:

  • We’ll optimize the campaigns for Conversions at TOF using lookalikes and interests audiences
    • No traffic campaigns to “warm-up” audiences etc.
    • We prefer starting off with optimizing for Purchase event
    • We may also optimize ATC or IC as well
  • We will start off with the CBO. Based on the results in the test phase, we may convert some to ad set budgeting campaigns.
  • At MOF we will only optimize for PURCHASE and will retarget the warm audiences.

  • At BOF, we try and maximize the profits by Upselling the products to existing buyers

Adset Setup:

Target Audience at TOF would include:

  • 5 Interest-based audiences
    • We’ll base our own audience creation on in-depth research of the Facebook audience especially the customers as well as the followers of the biggest competitors, the famous names around the globe that people follow for weight-loss and other relevant interests.

  • 3 normal LLAs based on Leads, View content, and frequent web page visitors –

  • 3 LTV LLA (IF we have LTV data lists or purchase data)

  • We will expand to 3% and 5% as we go beyond 3 weeks into the campaigns

  • We will run Auto-placements with Conversion objectives

Target Audience at MOF would include:

  • 180-day site visitors

  • 180-day FB and Insta engagements

  • Video Viewers 3 seconds – retarget with the same video

  • Video Viewers Thruplays

  • Video Viewers 95% of the video

  • Top 25% time spent on site

  • Top 5% time spent on site
  • Multiple pages Content Views – 4 days

  • Multiple pages Content Views – 7 days

  • Content page view 4 days

  • Content View 14 days

  • Cart Abandoners – 4 – 7 – 14 – 30 – 45 days

Ads Setup:

Dynamic Creative Video and Image ads at TOF to identify the winning assets and copy. Video ads will help us create more audiences as well.  Once we have the winning assets, we’d try them in carousel ads with continuous stories. We’ll use:

  • 10-15 high-quality images

  • 3-5 service-based simple videos with program highlights, benefits, video testimonials, and real transformation stories, etc.

  • 10+ Ad headlines

  • 10+ Primary Text Copy

  • 5 ad description

  • 2 different CTAs.

At MOF, we will use product-based images, before and after images, mostly along with a few product-based, simple videos.

At BOF, we will be using the same product images mostly along with some offers:

  • Limited time 20% off (the better the offer, more will be the conversion)
  • 2 free sessions of the program e they are interested in (to convert  with their satisfaction)
  • Money-back guarantee in case of change of mind within 10 days

To keep the CTR high, we’d aggressively test benefit-driven CTA on the images,  slightly blurring the image behind the CTA – so it stands out well – against the plain images.

To have a high LPV – ATC ratio, we’d put the copy through rigorous testing. To begin with, we’d incorporate the following elements into the copy:

  • The copy would include highly resonating pain points of targets, our competitive advantages/value proposition, client reviews or any content with persuasive potential (and of course no campaigns are converting enough today if they lack copy broken into convincing bullet points, emojis, strategic segmentation of audience and highly targeted copy for each segment.
    • *Who else wants* format to indicate others have already used the services.
    • *If …… then ….. * format headlines.
    • Adding urgency in the headline and relief the product brings in the copy.
    • Real stories and testimonials
    • Relatively shorter but specific headlines.
    • Short and long main text variants.

Ongoing Shuffling and Optimization: For 4-6 weeks,  we would run our rigorous testing where we will continuously make changes to find the winning assets. Even after finding the winning assets and moving them to a separate campaign, we will continue to test out at the TOF.

Scaling: After 4-6 weeks into the campaigns when we have found the winning assets, we will shift those to a new campaign at TOF and will put more budget into that winning campaign.

Timeline: Initial testing for 4-6 weeks. Scaling: after 6-8 weeks.

The Results: A collective report would be sent at the end of the test period based on overall results. A weekly update will also be shared along with next week’s planning.

Budget Recommendations: $4000 – $5000 per month for the test period. No less than $5000 for initial 4-6 weeks of testing.

Potential Winning Email Marketing Strategy

We’d send Value-based email sequences for Brand awareness,  lead nurturing,  up & down selling as well as Retargeting.

All the emails would include highly engaging headlines and content (product features & unique selling points establishing the business as the best body transformation and weight loss option, comparisons with competitors (generalized, with no name calling), benefits of the program, USPs and real transformation stories etc).

Here are the sequences we’d be running:

  • Abandoned cart sequence of at least 3 emails
  • Referral discounts to existing customers – 3 emails sequence
  • Review sequence to existing customers – 3 emails sequence
  • Retargeting email for upselling or down-sell (based on engagement with the previous emails).




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